May Heydays at Evesham:
Where to stay

Is there camping at or near the festival?

The new venue has a large playing field area next door to the school.  We have permission for camping for caravans, motor homes, camper vans and tents.  There are showers, toilets and disposal facilities open 24/7.  The site has been used by The Camping and Caravan Club repeatedly, so comes recommended.  Dogs are allowed, if kept on a lead and walked in the designated area only; dogs are not allowed within the school buildings.

Electric hook-up facilities can be provided to the disabled on request.

Indoor camping will be available for staff and stewards (vacate by 8 am on Monday).

Because Monday is a school day, any mobile homes within the school on hard standing will need to vacate the site by 7.30am.

Campers on the playing fields need to be off the fields by 10am.  They can have access to showers and toilets until 8am.  The school will manage leaving the field up to 8.30am with a break until 9.15am (due to large vehicle and student movement across gates which lead to the field) with all off site by 10am.

Click here and here to download a 2019 list of camping, caravan and motorhome sites, provided by Evesham Tourist Information Office.

Where can we stay?

For up-to-date information see the Evesham Tourist Information and Travel Guide
or the individual websites.


Premier Inn, Evesham, WR11 4TP​hotels/england/worcestershire/​evesham/evesham.html

3 miles from the venue, has 109 rooms.  Bookings for May 2020 were quoting £135.50 for 3 nights Friday-Sunday May 1-3, single or double occupancy.

Travelodge, B49 6PQ

10½ miles from venue; quoting £107 for the same period.

YHA Stratford-upon-Avon

18½ miles (36 minutes) from the venue; might be an economical option despite the travel involved; quoting £25 per person per night in shared single-gender rooms.

The following hotels within 6 miles of the venue have been contacted to see if they will offer group rates; given the proximity to the Cotswolds they may not do so, but any news will be posted here.

Evesham Hotel, WR11 1DA

Hotel has only 2 standard double rooms left, £320 for 3 nights Fri/Sat/Sun May 1-3rd (more expensive rooms available).  In March the hotel offered £100 per room night on quoting May Heydays.  Single room £260 for same period.  Always worth checking if you can get a better rate than this when looking on-line.

Half a mile from venue, has over 30 rooms, taking 75 people. Tel 01386 765 566

Northwick Hotel, WR11 1BT

Half a mile from venue, has over 20 rooms, taking 38 people. Tel 01386 40322  (This is correct although it seems too short.)

The Wood Norton, WR11 4YB

5 miles from venue, has over 60 rooms, taking 120 people. Tel 01386 765 611

The Broadway Hotel, WR12 7AA

5.4 miles from venue, has 19 rooms. Tel 01386 852 401

Lygon Arms, WR12 7DU

6 miles from venue, has 78 rooms. Tel 01386 852 255


There are 4 pubs with rooms within 4 miles:

Ye Olde Red Horse, WR11 4RE      You must enable JavaScript to see this e-mail address.

About 1 mile, 5 rooms. Tel 01386 442 784

The Royal Oak, WR11 4RE      You must enable JavaScript to see this e-mail address.

About 1 mile, 2 rooms. Tel 01386 442 465

The Wheatsheaf, WR11 7EJ

About 2½ miles, 4 rooms. Tel 01386 830 380

The Fleece, WR11 7JE      You must enable JavaScript to see this e-mail address.

About 3.8 mile, 1 room, caravan space. Tel 01386 831 173

A further 3 are within 6 miles:

The Anchor Inn, WR10 2PY

About 5 miles, 2 flats. Tel 01386 860 391

The Chequers Inn, WR10 2PZ   or perhaps

About 5 miles, 8 rooms. Tel 01386 861 854

The Bell Inn, WR12 7PJ

About 5 miles, 5 rooms. Tel 01386 858 405

Bed & breakfast accommodation

In March 2019 the T.I.C. listed 12 B&B or Farmhouse accommodations, mostly in the range £75-£85 per double per night.
Several of these are within 5 miles of the venue:

Haselor Farm, WR11 2RB

About 2.6 miles, 3 rooms. Tel 01386 710 391

Mount Pleasant Farm, WR12 7HZ

About 4 miles, 4 rooms. Tel 01386 853 424

Brook House, WR12 7DE

About 5 miles, 5 rooms. Tel 01386 852 313

Holloway Farm House, WR11 7SN

About 5 miles, 4 rooms. Tel 01386 881 910

Lowerfield Farm, WR1 7HF

About 5 miles, 5 rooms. Tel 01386 858 273

Self-catering accommodation

In March 2019 the T.I.C. listed 18 self-catering options within 19 miles, 8 of these within 5 miles.

Some of these will do three-night stays, cost depending on season, number of people sharing, etc.