May Heydays at Evesham:

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We now have enough stewards for the 2024 Festival.  Please get in touch later in the year about the 2025 Festival.


We have now found a local caterer who will take on the full catering service for the weekend.  More info will be provided in due course, and we'll put details on the website.

Account will be taken of a range of allergies and food preferences (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc).

However, the caterer may not be able to provide for very individual needs, so please don't try to make contact with the caterer to ask for your detailed specific diet — you may need to bring and prepare your own food at the school.  In this case, please talk to us and we can give you access to a small kitchen area with a microwave oven.  (Obviously, this facility cannot be made widely available.)


We are trialling a gender-free option across International, English and American streams, with just one such event at any time in the regular programme.  So, there will be plenty of choice for all — including an increased spread of non-dance events, with more musicians' and singing workshops, plus some story telling.  Remember, you can see all on the Programme page


Some people may not know of our booked U.S. musicians, the Lighthouse band; they are an offshoot of Rodney Miller's Stringrays of whom you are more likely to have heard.

They're very accomplished players for American styles of dancing.  Here is an idea of what they'll sound like: